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New website is live

The new website for ClearSquare Associates has been deployed. I selected WordPress as it addresses the company’s current needs very well at this point. The deployment of WordPress with the host (GoDaddy) was seamless.

WordPress is really a good alternative for a simple CMS with extensive blog features. The amount of themes, widgets and plugins is just too good to pass up. I can see using it with more and more client as I go along.

Word 2007 presentation for NITA

I spoke on 06/06/2009 at the NITA quarterly meeting in Reno. The topic was Tips and Tricks for Word 2007.

The slides can be downloaded here:

Speaking there was a lot of fun. People in the audience had a lot of good questions and it seems that almost every single person walked out with at least one more tip under their belt.

McMillan Translation site is up

The first phase of the new McMillan Translation website is up. The entire implementation is based on DotNetNuke. Multilingual support is done using some other open source components.