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ClearSquare Associates, based in Denver, CO, USA, was formed in March 2009 with the purpose of providing consultancy services and building high-quality products for the Windows platform, in both native and .Net based environments.

ClearSquare Associates was founded by Yves Tkaczyk. Yves has been working in the software industry for over 20 years as a software developer, architect and project manager in diverse fields such as financial, telecom and e-commerce. He has also been involved in designing, implementing and maintaining  robust and cost effective Microsoft Windows network  architectures.

ClearSquare Associates is a privately owned company with no external funding.

Why the name ClearSquare Associates?

Our core principles are integrity, accountability, transparency, strong organization and efficiency. We wanted a name that conveyed these principles. The geometrical figure Square reflects our efficiency, integrity and strong organization. The adjective Clear shows our accountability and transparency.